Daily doses of gratitude to help you feel happier.

Get gratitude exercises automatically added to your calendar.

Elevate your day with Happy Mindset – the app that integrates gratitude in your digital calendar.

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Gratitude Exercises:

activities that help you cultivate and express the feeling of being thankful for the people, moments, and opportunities in your life.

There are many benefits to regularly practicing gratitude

Using exercises to practice gratitude can help you:

Boost your mood and happiness

Improve your health

Enjoy better and stronger relationships

If you would like to learn more about these three benefits of practicing gratitude, click here.

Without support, integrating gratitude in your day can be hard.

Sometimes, you may be too busy, distracted, or overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of your daily life.

You may forget to notice or appreciate the good things that happen to you or the people who support you.

Or you could focus on what is undone on your to do list or what is not ideal about your life.

Happy Mindset app makes it easy to practice gratitude regularly.

The Happy Mindset app provides you with a personalized Happy Mindset Moment calendar that embeds directly into your Google Calendar.

Through the simple exercises in each Happy Mindset Moment calendar event, you’ll practice gratitude by focusing on a different aspect of your life.

With Happy Mindset app, you can practice gratitude every day within an app you already use - your calendar.

Happy Mindset app supports your gratitude practice in five ways:

Seamless Integration

Access your Happy Mindset Moments gratitude practices seamlessly within your Google Calendar.

Time Blocking

Each Happy Mindset Moment can be marked as busy, safeguarding your gratitude practice time from other appointments or meetings.

Unique Exercises

Say goodbye to repetitive gratitude prompts - each Happy Mindset Moment is unique, keeping your practice fresh and engaging.

Progress Tracker

With your exercise completion tracker, you can monitor your gratitude practice and celebrate your progress.

Encouraging Notes

Whether you're falling behind or hitting targets, get personalized encouragement to stay committed, celebrate achievements and keep pushing your practice.

Your Path to More Gratitude

Step 1:

Create your account

When you connect your Google Calendar a Happy Mindset Moment calendar will be automatically created for you.

Step 2:

Complete the exercises

Focus your attention on being thankful for the people, moments, and opportunities in your life during every Happy Mindset Moment.

Step 3:

Appreciate your life more

Enjoy more moments where you celebrate your relationships, your adventures, and your journey.

Use Happy Mindset app to easily integrate gratitude exercises in your day.

Enjoy the benefits of practicing gratitude by saving time to be thankful on your calendar.