Find balance between getting things done and your well-being.

Try Happy Mindset app - the fast and fun way to manage productivity pressure.

Productivity Pressure:

an invisible and always present force pushing you to keep working on your tasks and crossing things off your lists.


can't find the time to exercise or eat well
not checking in with friends and family
not getting enough sleep
feeling burnout

Productivity Pressure Problem:

Neglecting your mood, energy, health or relationships in order to get things done.

Happy Mindset app helps you manage productivity pressure, so it doesn't become a problem.

The Happy Mindset app includes a gratitude card game that helps you take a brief pause from focusing on task completion and shift your attention to your relationships and self-care.

Through the app's quick and fun game, you can improve your mood, energy, health, and relationships, all while still having plenty of time to get things done.

Your Path to Balancing Productivity Pressure

Step 1:

Download the app

Join the waitlist for Android or Apple devices.

Step 2:

Play as often as possible

A round of the game can be played in less than 30 seconds and new practices are added regularly.

Step 3:

Balance your attention

Keep getting things done while you improve your health, mood, energy, and, relationships

Create space for the things you value, and still stay productive.