The Fun, Effective, and Simple Way to Overcome Productivity Pressure Problems

Published January 20, 2023 (Updated September 23, 2023)

This is Part 3 in a free three-part series. Part 1 (productivity pressure problem defined) is here, and Part 2 (the practice to address productivity pressure problems) is here.

As someone who loves working through your to-do lists, you’ve probably used productivity pressure – the pressure constantly pushing us all to get things done – to accomplish great things.

Have you ever experienced productivity pressure so intense that you prioritize getting things done over your relationships and self-care? If so, you’ve had (or are having) a productivity pressure problem

Experiencing a productivity pressure problem can bring on many difficult emotions – including discomfort, frustration, stress, sadness and guilt.

But the good news is that you can manage productivity pressure so it doesn’t become a problem. 

All you need is a gratitude and mindfulness tiny practice!

When engaging in gratitude and mindfulness practices, you take a momentary break from focusing solely on task completion and instead shift your attention to your relationships and self-care. Research has shown that regularly engaging in gratitude and mindfulness can have a positive effect on your mood, health, energy, and relationships.

Unfortunately, turning these practices into a tiny habit can often be challenging. 

I created the Happy Mindset app to help. 

Using the Happy Mindset app makes including mindfulness and gratitude tiny practices fun and easy!

The Happy Mindset app includes a gratitude and mindfulness card deck game. The game is easy to play – simply pick a card from the deck. 

Each card suggests a research-based gratitude and mindfulness practice for you to consider.

Every suggested practice is designed to help you feel good right away and bring more joy and celebration into your day.

Through the app's quick and effective practices, you can improve your mood, energy, health, and relationships, all while still having plenty of time to get things done.

Playing a round of the game doesn't take long – most rounds can be completed in as little as 30 seconds.

And new practices are regularly added to the app to keep things fresh and exciting!

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