Getting things done but feeling stressed?

Perhaps you have a productivity pressure problem!

Published January 17, 2023 (Updated September 23, 2023)

This is Part 1 in a free three-part series. Part 2 (the practice to address productivity pressure problems) is here, and Part 3 (a fun way to overcome your productive pressure problem) is here.

As someone who loves working through your to-do lists, – you probably spend a lot of time working on tasks and thinking about what needs to be done.

And, most likely, you received (and enjoyed) many compliments for being a person who gets things done.

But despite the appreciating benefits of being a productive person, – you may have caught yourself thinking:

  • I need to work less and take better care of myself.
  • Life is passing me by, and none of what I am doing is really important.
  • I’m missing the beauty of life.
  • I hate that I am so task-focused. I need a holiday to get away from this.
  • I’m not having any fun.
  • I need more fun in my life.
  • I work too much – I’m missing out on time with my loved ones.

If you’ve had any of the thoughts above, you may be experiencing a productivity pressure problem.

I define productivity pressure as the force that keeps you laser-focused on completing your tasks and meeting your obligations and responsibilities.

Productivity pressure is always present, like gravity, and pushing you to keep working on your tasks and crossing things off your lists.

Since you are successful, you have likely learned how to use productivity pressure to accomplish many amazing things! This is the positive side of productivity pressure.

You have a productivity pressure problem when you are experiencing the negative side of productivity pressure. This is when you realize that you are neglecting your mood, energy, health or relationships in order to get things done.  

Having a productivity pressure problem can bring on many emotions – including frustration, stress, sadness and guilt. If you are feeling any of these emotions as you work on completing tasks on your to-do list – you may be experiencing a productivity pressure problem.

Thankfully, productivity pressure problems are solvable!

It’s possible to create space for the things you value, and still stay productive. You can find the balance between your tasks and responsibilities, self-care, and relationships!

And luckily, a tiny practice is all you need to get started! Click here to learn more.


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