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Through my podcasts, workshops, and keynote events, I share and demonstrate how simple, gratitude practices can significantly uplift our lives.

Hi! I'm Dr. Ada.

Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D.

Educator. Engineer. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

I've crossed paths with so many people who yearn to practice gratitude more often but find it challenging - they’re either short on time, struggling to know where to start, or bogged down by life's unfinished tasks and mishaps.

My mission is clear: help make practicing gratitude easy and convenient.

Merging my technical expertise with my positive outlook and heartfelt desire to help others, I crafted the Happy Mindset app to make it easy to bring gratitude exercises into our busy lives.

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Places I've Spoken

I’ve been speaking for over a decade now, here are some of the places I’ve spoken about mindfulness, gratitude and productivity pressure:

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Below are some additional places I've spoken through my previous work:

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